More Winning with Radio Stations: Loyal Listener Websites

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October 15, 2012 by Cory

When I tell friends that I won another radio contest, they assume that I call into stations all of the time, since I seem to win a prize every week or two.  On the other hand, the secret to winning at radio contests is to diversify the types of contests whether it involves calling in, texting code words, liking pages on Facebook, or joining loyal listener programs on radio station websites.  It is this last way that I find is the easiest to win!

Start off by picking your favorite radio station, going to its website, and finding its loyal listener program.  Often the word “Rewards” or “Club” shows up in the name of the program.  In most of the programs, you can earn points and then use points for prizes either by using points to enter raffles, to purchase items, or to bid on auction items.

You can earn points by listening to code words during the day, completing surveys, entering trivia contests, entering bonus words often found in weekly e-mails or on Facebook, and clicking sponsor links.  Usually, I get enough points to enter contests by simply clicking those links (often worth thousands of points).

Prizes can only be redeemed once every 30 days on most radio stations, and what an easy way to enter and win contests…you can even do it while watching TV late at night!  I’ll post more tips on loyal listener websites in the future including how to know what raffles to enter and where to find trivia answers.  For now, enjoy exploring and trying your luck on a few loyal listener websites.


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